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The Festival 2016

The Festival comprises of many events as part of the Clark Rubber Australian Kelpie Muster 2016 which is held in Casterton, Victoria on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend – 11th and 12th June 2016. Events include the world famous Kelpie High Jump where the obstacle is to clear a barrier of wooden boards, one that is steadily raised. The owners stand on the back of bales encouraging their dog to jump up and join them. The high jump starts at 1.5 metres and by the end of the event is nearly double. A true insight into the Kelpie’s ability.

The World Record is 2.91 metres achieved in 2007.

The Kelpie Triathlon is hotly contested by the majority of the participants and the winner is seen as the King of the Kelpies for the weekend.

What about the Kelpie Dash – the winner is the fastest kelpie to reach their owner over 50 metres, and the Kelpie Hill Climb is a sight to behold, with the Kelpies running to their owners who are at the top of the hill.

We have the Stockman’s Challenge where competitors with their horse and dog work the sheep from yard to paddock to yard. This is an exciting display of horsemanship and the Kelpie’s working skills on the farm. You never know who is going to win and this event is watched by thousands.

As part of the Clark Rubber Working Dog Auction on the Sunday, we have the RMA Network Working Dog Futurity which is held on the Saturday at the Festival on 11th June 2016 where you can see the dogs who are up for Auction on Sunday display their skills working sheep in yards and the like. A display of the kelpie’s athleticism, ability and skill.

We have our other events including Mutton Mayhem, and a range of novelty events where owners and their kelpies can enter to have some fun.

The program for the weekend will be available online start of May 2016 which details all the information listed here or you can print this article for the same information. Please note entries are not available for the Stockman's Challenge.


All enquiries to the Secretary on 0488 791 424 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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